A Strategic Imperative

Most strategic alliances fail to achieve their full value-creating potential because businesses fail in the artful science of relationship.

Deep change is needed

Transformation happens in our most challenging relationships - in strategic alliances - the forefront for consciousness in business.

Why be more spiritual?

How will you and your alliance benefit from using spiritual principles? What's the ROI for spirituality in strategic alliances?


Your job is extraordinarily unique and challenging; in all of business there is nothing like it. There are times when you struggle to understand what it means to be a strategic alliance manager – role confusion abounds. You are often enveloped by the clouds of complexity and drama. And you are frustrated, knowing there is untapped potential; you know there is more – there is more value in your alliance and there is more within you to bring forth.

Challenges of Strategic Alliance Managers (a 1-page PDF).


My value proposition – I can help you:

  • Increase trust throughout your alliance
  • Deepen individual buy-in and support
  • Achieve greater team alignment and focus
  • Create a clear, compelling, and practical long-term vision
  • Establish a more value-creating atmosphere
  • Simplify overwhelming complexity
  • Neutralize dysfunctional drama
  • Negotiate beyond mere win/win results
  • Create more attractive business ecosystems
  • Have more fun than one person deserves!

Relationship: businesses most strategically important asset, and crucibles for sustaining transformation

The Value I Offer You (a 3-page PDF).

Endorsements (from the Conscious Capitalism Institute, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and SAP).

my personal value to you

A Call to Action

Great value is already present as untapped potential in you and in your alliance. As you grow to embody spiritual principles, you will blaze through the impediments obscuring incremental value-creation. While this is simple work, it is hard and calls for persistence and tenacity. But such hard work pays off big time by transforming you and your alliance. It will lead you to greater fulfillment, success and joy.

Is there anything more important than fulfillment, success and joy? What are you waiting for? Peruse this website, consider these ideas, and



Joe Kittel

In August of 2007, I founded SPiBR.org LLC – an international business consultancy focused on you – the strategic alliance manager – someone doing alliance development. Based on 17 years of direct experience and 13 years as a consultant, I am uniquely qualified to be of service to strategic alliance managers. I am focused on fundamental transformational growth – yours and your alliance’s.



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