Transformational Practices

We provide training, consulting and coaching services to strategic alliance managers on transformational practices:

We provide training, consulting and coaching services to help you, your alliance team and management better understand the Alliance Manager Role.

This whitepaper describes how four types of change agents are relevant in various situations in alliance development (fact-based, position-based, relationship-based and transformational). It focuses on transformational agents of change as exemplified by Christ, Gandhi and Martin Luther King. These twenty attributes come from the book Change the World by Robert E. Quinn, a distinguished MBA professor at the University of Michigan School of Business. Joe Kittel has refined the attributes of transformational change agents to describe what he is calling a transformational strategic alliance manager; this is based on his 16 years of experience doing alliance management at Hewlett-Packard.

What would it be like if Mahatma Gandhi was a strategic alliance manager?

We provide coaching services to help you Call for Trust.

The training, consulting and coaching services we provide on the 2-Slide MethodologyTM will simplify your complex job, neutralize dysfunctional drama, and bring powerful alignment into your alliance. It will transform your alliance, top-to-bottom.

This is the most impactful practice an alliance manager can embody. It is definitely counter-intuitive. It is about striving to be all-knowing and then giving our knowledge. This process naturally increases our virtual presence and informal power; we are empowered as we empower others. As we give away our best ideas they return with gain; reciprocity is alive and well in relationships.

Using simplicity, confrontation and deep listening to fundamentally transform strategic alliances and business ecosystem architectures.

In the normal course of providing our services to you, we bring to bear other transformational ideas and practices (whitepapers on some of these topics are forthcoming):

  • Forgiveness – choosing to look past outer appearance in order to see the truth within
  • Being an Illuminating Mirror – the attractive and empowering power in authentic and immediate gratitude
  • Negotiating Beyond Mere Win/Win Results – being willing to stay squarely in the midst
  • Being the Metaphor for Metamorphosis – being the change
  • Metrics – making the invisible visible and the timeless time bound
  • Providing Just-Enough and Just-in-Time Training to the Alliance Team
  • Relationship-izing Individuals and Alliancing-izing their Work Product
  • Transforming an Alliance into a Productive Community – creating home


Practical Transformation

These practices are based on simple truths and proven practices. They are grounded in decades of personal experience. This is not theoretical spirituality, it is by definition practical.   Read Endorsements and Ideal Engagement Model.


Many of these ideas are drawn from the book Spiritual Principles in Strategic Alliances: transform status quo mediocrity into greatness.