This page explores the idea of oneness and its implication on us as strategic alliance and partner managers. As people who develop and manage long-term value-creating business relationships the implication of oneness is staggering.

Simply imagining or “playing with” the idea of oneness can have deep impact on our attitude & mindset, our behaviors and the depth of our relationships.


What if Oneness is?

Either oneness is or it isn’t;
There is no in between.
Imagine that it is.
What would that mean?

What if oneness “is”? What if oneness is the reality of our existence here on earth, here and now? What would that mean? It would mean that you and I are one – period.

To help us grasp the idea of oneness imagine that you and I are like waves on an ocean of consciousness. As waves we might believe that our waviness defines us as separate from each other, when in reality we are more the same than we are different.

Our waviness obscures the true nature and depth of our relationship.


Prove it

The purpose of this writing is not to convince you that we are one. It is to suggest that you “think about it” and see what happens as you consider this idea.

Imagine what it would mean if oneness were true.


Authentically Changes Attitude & Mindset

Attitude & mindset is the most important determinant
of a person’s long-term success.

It is more important than skills and much more important than knowledge.

If we deeply reflect upon the idea of oneness (i.e., embody it) it naturally changes how we think and feel about the other; and “the other” can be another person or the other company (our partner).

If we are one, then how I think and feel about you directly and immediately impacts you, whether we are in the same room or not, whether we are interacting on the phone or via e-mail. If I am simply sitting here thinking about you, my attitude & mindset toward you would affect you at some level and it would impact how you think and feel about me.

Oneness implies reciprocity in all relationships.

By definition, the idea of oneness brings with it greater integrity and wholeness. With deep-seated honesty and trust the overall climate in our business relationship improves.

The idea of oneness means that being of loving service to another person makes absolute sense, because giving and receiving is in fact one and the same thing. It is by truly giving that one receives (also read about Self-Obsolescence).


The basis for the Golden Rule and Karma?

Perhaps oneness is the fundamental principle behind how the Golden Rule and Karma actually work. Maybe the Golden Rule and Karma are not suggestions for how we should treat each other; maybe they are statements of fact describing a law of the Universe.

Oneness may help explain why the teacher often learns more than the student, because the teacher is really teaching herself/himself.


Rationale for Confrontation

If we accept the idea of oneness then we become motivated to remove every obstacle that obscures that reality. We want all of our relationships to be clear and open – we want to live in the richness of the ocean of consciousness – no more living like little waves. We don’t want anything in our relationships to impede our connectedness – such is the motivation behind co-fronting or co-facing difficult issues in a relationship (read about using confrontation to call for trust).


In Alliances and Partnerships

It seems to me that oneness is the aspiration of any strategic alliance – within the partnership itself the two companies would benefit from behaving as one (obviously with some limitation, e.g., intellectual property, confidentiality and personnel issues).

As we embody oneness:

  • trust, honesty and integrity improve
  • we create a more open and collaborative climate
  • giving and receiving or being of service to each other becomes more natural
  • our business relationship becomes more attractive – others want to join in
  • our alliance grows to have a sense of “home away from home”

And seeing things from a place of oneness causes alliance managers to span across space and time. With this holistic perspective of things, people, events and situations comes a unique vision – we start becoming visionaries.


Where to Begin

Where and how do we start applying the idea of oneness? Like most spiritual ideas, it starts within, it starts within ourselves – as within so without. We can ask ourselves:

  • Am I at one with myself?
  • Am I at peace?
  • Am I comfortable in my own company?

If you want a greater sense of oneness in your business relationships you should start within yourself, start with your relationship with yourself. Some people describe this as “inner work” and it can start with meditation. Simply spend a few minutes being quietly with yourself.


Play with Oneness

As you try out oneness, as you embody it, ask yourself:

  • Does this idea seem to be helpful?
  • Does the embodiment of oneness seem to deepen relationships?
  • As I choose to consciously reflect upon oneness does it naturally lead to authentic behaviors which deepen relationships?
  • Is being more authentic in the services I provide to others and how I teach them a good thing?
  • Is living a life of greater integrity, wholeness and honesty helpful?

Think about it …


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