Spiritual Practices (behaviors)

Practices are behaviors. Spiritual practices are authentic behaviors derived from the ideas we choose to hold in consciousness (principles) which have as a result the deepening of relationship.

From my experience I see a number of behaviors which are especially impactful:

  • Meditation – being mindful, being fully present, being at peace, connecting within.
  • Seeing the divine – in myself, in others and in the world around me (a.k.a., Forgiveness).
  • Be the change – change you and change your alliance; how ordinary strategic alliance managers accomplish extraordinary results.
  • Staying connected – to others, Self and the Universe; being part of.
  • Being grateful – in all things, for all things, always. Be an illuminating mirror.
  • Being in the moment – being fully present in the here and now.
  • Being of service – being of value; doing the next right thing for all concerned.
  • Being in love – connecting with what is in our midst; being about growth.
  • Remembering oneness – knowing we are all One; hearing the voice-of-the-collective, feeling the heart-of-the-collective, tapping into the creative potential in the spirit-in-the-collective.
  • Being a transformational alliance manager – bringing transformation to your work.

In the artful science of strategic alliance management I have experienced the positive effects of some specific transformational practices.

Finally, there are surely other ways to “parse the truth” or describe principles and practices which deepen relationship. I am very interested in hearing from you. How do you see the practical application of spirituality in strategic alliances?