Forgiveness is fundamental in my life. It is core to my spiritual growth. It is about a change in perspective, choosing to see differently. It is about consciously choosing to see the Divine Nature in another person, despite their actions. It is about choosing to see the Love and Light in the world, despite situations.

Forgiveness is about choosing to look past the superficial outer, in order to see the beauty within a person or on the side of a situation. I don’t ignore the outer stuff; I see it. In fact I have to see it thoroughly before I can then choose to look past it. I have to know what it is that am going to overlook before I can see past it. The superficial outer illusion is not the core reality of a person or a situation.

And paradoxically forgiveness is not something I do; it is actually something I don’t do. I don’t pick up the “crap” anymore; I consciously choose to let it go. I release it to the Universe knowing it will be replaced with Love, Light and Peace.

And finally, forgiveness starts with me, it starts within me. Before I can see more clearly, I have to see my Self. In order to do this I have to first see and then look past my own crap. I then have to consciously and continuously choose to be my Self.