Why Be More Spiritual?

Why should you as an alliance manager use practical spirituality in your alliance? Over time you will increasingly become more:

  • Naturally Connected – part of
  • A Practical Visionary – a seer
  • Improved Integrity – wholeness
  • Deeply Principled – doing what’s right
  • Peacefully at One – at one in the midst
  • Co-fronting Difficult Issues – loving confrontation
  • Entrusted with Trust – trustworthy
  • An Illuminating Mirror – grateful and appreciative
  • A Creative Creator – full creative expression
  • The Metaphor for Metamorphosis – be the change
  • A True Servant-Leader – an authentic giver
  • Full of One’s Self – greater experience of Self (your divine essence)
  • Increased Effectiveness – attract success
  • Legendary – leave a legacy


Benefits to Your Alliance

As within, so without

As you change and grow, your alliance will change and grow. Your alliance will benefit as you benefit.

For an expanded discussion on the value of practical spirituality to you read this 4 page PDF – Spiritual Principles in Strategic Alliances: What’s in it for me – the alliance manager?