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Beginning in February 2015, John Barnabas from Money Radio has been interviewing Joe Kittel on topics related to LLC: strategic alliances, spirituality, spiritual principles in business relationships, and related topics.



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Past Interviews

7 April 2015 (12:55).  Topics: – handbook on management. Defining spirituality, principles and practicesConscious Capitalism Institute – performance of spirituality-oriented companies; ROI for spiritualityHP/SAP “impossible” $200M deal, incorporating: trust and peacemaker, power-in-collective, identity, self-obsolescence and relationship. $200M global alliance transformed by oneness, deep presence, simplicity and collective vision; $20M return for less than $20k investment. The “Namaste” effect. Strategic value in our most challenging relationships.

17 March 2015 (13:44).  Topics: strategic alliances (most challenging relationship), HP/Microsoft strategic alliance (strategic value), lessons learned in inter-company and inter-personal relationships (trust and healthy confrontation, love, intangible value drives tangible value), why alliances are strategic (beyond revenue), Conscious Capitalism Movement (personal linkages, bottom-line benefits), return-on-investment for spirituality.

24 February 2015 (13:31).  Topics: strategic alliances revisited (definitions, forms and examples), Association of Strategic Alliances Professionals (ASAP), high-tech and bio-tech/pharma, examples (IBM/Microsoft/Intel – PCs, HP/Disney – since 1938, HP/Canon – desktop publishing, Apple – an ecosystem company), ROI for spirituality, future topics (see “Upcoming Interviews”).

3 February 2015 – Part 1 (10:30).  Topics: personal background, fundamental principles (e.g., in calculus and physic; what are they in business relationships?), strategic alliances (long-term value-creation), practical spirituality and love.

3 February 2015 – Part 2 (6:52).  Topics: HP/SAP alliance and practical spirituality, radical simplicity, self-obsolescence and the attributes of deity, spirituality in business’s fearful climate.

3 February 2015 – Part 3 (6:28).  Topics: challenging relationships are crucibles for change, using the “spiritual” word vs. other words, love mindmap, Conscious CapitalismChange the World by Robert E. Quinn (MBA professor), Spirituality Principles in Strategic Alliances by Joe Kittel.


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