Community Structure


The purpose of our community structure is to create home.

The workplace becomes a second home
for all who enter with love.

Based on discussions during and after our December 2012 Heidelberg Summit the current thinking about the structure of our emerging community is something like:

  • Leadership – 3 people (day-to-day decision-making)
  • Board – 12-13 people (guidance)
  • Working Groups – 6-8 people (e.g., focused on specific issues or activities, the ideal minimum attendance for our next summit)
  • Community – ~150 people
    • Our LinkedIn group, where in-depth discussions occur and issues get raised. As of 7 October 2015 we have 280 members.
    • Newsletter that use to go out every few weeks. As of 12 March 2015 there are over 1,600 subscribers, with over 1,300 strategic alliance managers.
  • ROW (rest of the world)

… all of this within an already existing organization (e.g., someday maybe we become a group within ASAP).