Benefits to Your Alliance

You might ask, “How will my alliance benefit from me being more spiritual? How will the alliance benefit from using transformational practices?” The answer is this: “It depends. It all depends on you.” As you start to embody practical spiritual ideas and make deep change within yourself, change will begin occurring throughout your alliance.

Your success is ultimately up to you. If you are up to the task at hand, if you are open to deep change within yourself and then throughout your alliance, you will reap huge rewards. And, the overall business will benefit; alliances bear gifts for the rest of the business.

Your alliance will start to become a more productive community.

  • Relationships will deepen, resulting in healthier, more open and more collaborative dialogue.
  • The alliance will have a healthier value-creating climate based on openness, honesty, and high trust, where decisions will be made openly and transparently (as appropriate).
  • It will be more accepting of a broad range of individuals and perspectives – becoming a place where everyone is free to be their true Self. A true sense of home will pervade your alliance.
  • Those who work in the alliance will be enthused with each new day.
  • Your alliance will attract greatness to it – team members will accomplish great things and great people will be drawn to it.
  • Your alliance will achieve an indescribable sense of togetherness or oneness – a place of integrity and wholeness – it will start to become a wholesome place, a holy place.

Your alliance will increase its value-creating effectiveness.

  • People will learn that it is safe to strive for and accomplish their wildest dreams in its supportive and nurturing climate.
  • Collective attention will begin to pierce through value-impediments to see new value-creating opportunities – they will almost magically appear.
  • Brilliant ideas will spontaneously arise. The best ones will surface naturally to the top, be acted upon, and then achieved.
  • Those who work in your alliance will begin to realize that their individual success and the alliance’s success go hand-in-hand. Personal and collective success are inextricably linked – there are no either/or trade-offs.

Your alliance will achieve legendary impact.

  • The collective power of your alliance will become a positive force to be reckoned with – disrupting the entire business in healthy and positive ways.
  • Your alliance will start leading the way for the rest of business to transform.
  • The alliance will begin to make a real difference – in your company, in your company’s ecosystem, and throughout the world of business.


Benefits to You

You will become more creative. Your alliance will change and grow as you benefit from spirituality and embody practical spiritual principles.


What’s the ROI for Spirituality?

Is there a return on investment (ROI) for the use of spiritual principles in strategic alliances?

Read ROI for Spirituality.


In Time

Will all of these benefits be achieved immediately? Clearly not. In time they will begin to be realized if you have trust in your Self and if you have trust in the spirit that lives in the midst.


For a more thorough discussion on the value of practical spirituality to you and your alliance, read this 3-page PDF – Spiritual Principles in Strategic Alliances: What’s in it for me – the alliance manager AND the alliance? This is a self-actualization perspective on the practical benefits of spirituality.