Defining Practical Spirituality (relationship)

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Why are spiritual matters so hard for us to talk about? Maybe it’s because we are like fish in water, trying to understand water. Given fish are in the water and the water is in the fish, it is hard for them to figure out and discuss water. They are both the observer and the observed.

I strongly suggest you read at least the first few pages of this 13-page PDF (an excerpt from my book, a good portion of Chapter 6 – The Power in Simple Truths). It’s about making spirituality simpler, more practical and useful in strategic alliances. I’ve heard it said that this is some of my best writing, “This is clear thinking that a business person can grasp and use.”

As I see it:

Spirituality is simply about the deepening and improving of relationship.

Spirituality is the use of principles (ideas) and practices (authentic behaviors) which have as a result the deepening of relationship – with others, with the Universe, and with one’s Self. And, because at our core we are all great, deeper is better.

Assuming the reality of Oneness, these are all one relationship – they seem to deepen in parallel. As I deepen my relationship with my Self (my divine nature), I am more comfortable with others. As I deepen my relationship with the Universe (or God), I am able to go more deeply within myself. And I often hear God speak to me through others, from their mouths and from the voice of the collective. As I connect more deeply with others, I connect more deeply with the Universe.

Principles are ideas, thoughts we choose to hold in consciousness. When we choose to hold certain ideas in our consciousness they naturally result in behaviors, or spiritual practices, which authentically deepen relationship.

We also deepen relationships when we change our attitude & mindset toward ourselves and toward others. This is affected by a change in perspective (how I choose to see). All of this is deeply affected by identity: by asking, and then answering, the question, “Who do you think you are?”

Spirituality can also be described as a change of perspective – changing how we see others, how we see situations and how we choose to see life. As we deepen relationships and change perspectives the atmosphere in the strategic alliance becomes healthier and more value-creativity.

As relationships deepen and improve
the climate becomes healthier and creativity improves; both are
strategically-important elements in any business relationship.

The table below summarizes how I see practical spirituality – what it is and is not.


See also “Change in Relationship” about how spiritual growth happens in relationships; the more challenging the relationship, the deeper the growth. Thus, the best crucible for awakening consciousness in the world of business is in strategic alliances.

Some of these same ideas and more are discussed in the LinkedIn posting Spiritual Ideas in Business: difficult and strategic.