Simple Ideas (spiritual principles)


Principles are ideas. Spiritual principles are ideas which, when held in consciousness, result in the deepening of relationship.


Simple Truths

Simplicity is tied to spirituality. Simple ideas tend to point us toward core truths. Below are simple truths that seem to summarize the core essence of spiritual philosophies and religions. And, more than an academic exercise, the embodiment of these simple truths authentically changes behavior in ways which naturally deepen relationship:

  • Oneness – the idea of no separation between people, no duality of thought, integrity, wholeness, holiness. Either Oneness is or it isn’t; there is no in between. When I choose to think of the person I am meeting with as one with me it fundamentally changes how I think and feel toward that person; it then authentically changes how I treat the other. Relationship-deepening behaviors naturally occur when we embody the idea of oneness.
  • Now – the idea of being fully present in each instant of time, in one eternal now; there is no past or future. In reality all we have is now. Everything is always better when we are fully present, in the moment, not multi-tasking (which is impossible).
  • We Create – we are about creating value. That’s what we’re meant to do, create.
    • We are not The Creator but we are a creator.
    • We were created by our Creator to create.
    • Our thoughts are casual. Therefore be mindful and be aware.
    • A powerful relationship-deepening idea is captured in the Hindu greeting Namasté, meaning “The divine in me sees and rejoices in the divine I see in you.” This perspective fundamentally changes relationships, especially our most challenging ones. Namasté encompasses both our divine nature as well as the idea of oneness .
  • Love – the universal force which compels growth – in individuals, organizations and all of humanity; enthusiasm, inspiration, joy. I can trust that there is a force, compelling us to grow and taking us all to the right outcome.
  • Trust – both the prerequisite for and the result of the embodiment of simple truths. Trust is both cause and effect; and so, in relationship trust is the fundamental of fundamentals. We can indeed trust trust.

When we consciously choose to hold these ideas in our minds, when we embody them, we are changed. Our behavior is authentically changed in ways which naturally deepen relationships. This authenticity comes not from a set of scripts prescribing what we should do in certain situations, but from within ourselves.

And so, over time, we are deeply changed as we draw closer to the core truth that resides in our midst – the truth within ourselves, within others, and all around us.

Finally, there are surely other ways to “parse the truth” or describe principles and practices which deepen relationship. I am very interested in hearing from you. How do you see the practical application of spirituality in strategic alliances?