Creating Home

The idea of home is the ultimate metaphor for a highly-productive business relationship.

The workplace becomes a second home
for all who enter with love.


Home is a place where:

  • There is a healthy value-creating climate based on openness, honesty, integrity and high trust.
  • Decisions are made as openly and transparently as possible.
  • Acceptance is practiced, to include a broad range of individuals and a broad range of perspectives.
  • Everyone is free to flourish. Everyone is free to be their true Self.
  • Those who work in the business relationship are enthused with each new day. They are actually enthused by challenges, knowing on the other side of confrontation is greater trust, new insights and unforeseen opportunities.
  • In such a home, attraction calls for greatness. This is a place where great people are drawn home and the team accomplishes great things.
  • There is a sense of indescribable togetherness – a place of integrity – a wholesome and holy place.

Such is also the possibility for this productive community, the one that we are collectively creating.

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