Joe’s Higher-Purpose

To bring greater consciousness into business by
increasing the value creativeness in strategic alliances.

Awakening begins within our relationships. Our most challenging relationships are our best crucibles for change. It is in these relationships where we see the need for growth and it is where our greatest growth occurs. We grow as we allow relationships to change us. These relationships become homes for healing and value-creation.

We create value in tangible and most importantly intangible forms. This is because all tangible forms of value are first conceived of as ideas and developed in a healthy atmosphere (both ideas and atmosphere are intangibles).

Strategic alliances are about long-term value-creation, which makes them the most challenging form of inter-company business relationship. Deep change and growth begin here. It is in these relationships where business awakens.

Starting in strategic alliances, capitalism will become ever more value-creative. Businesses will become conscious highly-productive communities. And greater sales revenue (tangible value) will naturally occur.

The workplace becomes a second home for all who enter with love.

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