My Unique Value to You

Does anyone really understand what it means to be a strategic alliance manager? Do you? Does your boss? Do your co-workers? Do members of your alliance team or do other alliance managers really “get it”? I understand your value and the value of your role to your company.

I understand the value within – within you and within your alliance.

I can help you transform your business (a 3-page PDF).


I Get It

I understand what it means to be a strategic alliance manager.

Strategic alliance managers
do the impossible
with nothing
in the eye of a hurricane.

Doing the impossible – you get value-creation to occur between fierce competitors in a fear-based and scarcity-oriented climate. And given the long-term nature of alliances, you have to lead the alliance in traversing from abundance into scarcity, and then back into abundance. Getting into and staying in a state of abundance is very challenging. Traversing from scarcity back into abundance is a nearly impossible traversal, which has to happen throughout the life cycle of any strategic alliance.

With nothing – you have insufficient resources in terms of budget or people to do the impossible work before you. And management often underestimates the amount of resource required, and they undervalue the unique type of resource required in a strategic alliance.

In the eye of a hurricane – you live in a world where competitive calendaring and attention deficit disorder are actually valued. You are continually distracted by unhealthy drama and overwhelming complexity – yours and others. And you are spontaneously pulled in different directions – being asked to brief executives, intervene in sales escalations, help develop marketing collateral, while simultaneously helping people work more effectively in your alliance.


You Love It

You live each day in a hurricane, and you actually love that aspect of your work. You love the impossible nature of alliancing work. And, most especially, you love the creative possibilities that pervade your alliance. The question is, “How can you tap into more of that?”


My Value to You

I understand your job, perhaps even more deeply than you do. I have experienced the creative potential hidden within the depth of the collective and at the core of who you are.

I understand how to deal with the overwhelming and distractive complexities that you experience each and every day. I can help you bring powerfully transformational simplicity into your work and your alliance. This simple process brings amazing clarity and alignment into your alliance.

I can help you be more creative.


Deep Change

I can help your bring practical spirituality and authentic transformational practices into your alliancing work. This deep change will help you be the value-enabling creator that your alliance needs and deserves. This will enable you to bring unique benefits to your alliance.


Next Steps

Read more about the value I offer you (a 3-page PDF).




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