Trust is both the prerequisite for and the result of living a spiritual life. Given trust is both cause (prerequisite) and effect (result), it is fundamental.

Trust is the foundation of every relationship.


Trust is the Fundamental issue in Relationship

It has been my experience that when trust is low, when there is a lack of trust, I actually need to confront that issue. I need to face the issue of having a low level of trust. I need to confront it head-on with love (without judgment or negative emotions).

Whether it is within myself, a relationship, or in a strategic alliance, we need to confront low levels of trust if we expect to create value.

In a relationship we need to be willing to confront (co-front) difficult issues, especially a lack of trust. If we can fully and unemotionally face such issues – head-on – then trust will come. We have created a situation which calls for trust. And we can trust that trust will come.

In strategic alliances (value-creating relationships) we can use confrontation to call for trust, and trust that trust will come. In such a clearing process we enable both sides to see value and then create greater value. The confrontational process actually enables greater value-creation to occur.

With acceptance (full acknowledgement without judgment or negative emotion), we can transcend a lack of trust – we rise above it. With embracement (acceptance with love), we can transform a lack of trust into a deepened relationship.

In some relationships we may discover that it is not possible to have a sufficient level of trust. We therefore choose to lovingly part ways. Such clarity is a form of deepening; we know where we stand in that relationship.

Real trust is not a trust that waits and hopes but a trust that acts from who you truly are. Real trust requires a discipline of being who you are in every circumstance and in every relationship. Real trust begins with your Self.
– A Course of Love

We can, in fact, trust trust.


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