Whitepaper: noun – an authoritative report or guide; helping the reader understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

Below are links to whitepapers upon which much of our training, consulting, and coaching services are based. The whitepapers are intended to stir things up, provide food-for-thought, and inspire action.

Listed below in order of popularity.

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A Journey Into the Heart of Relationship (67-page PDF).

Sometimes life drags me
kicking and screaming
to precisely where I truly want to be.

  • This is about my journey.
  • It is about how life has compelled me to voyage deeper and deeper into relationship itself.
  • Ultimately into relationship’s heart.


Strategic Alliance Manager Role: a unique, holistic and empowering perspective (34-page PDF).

Strategic alliance managers do the impossible
with nothing in the eye of a hurricane.

  • This truly is a unique, holistic, and empowering perspective on what it means to be a strategic alliance manager.
  • This whitepaper describes the 3×3 Development MethodologyTM for developing in parallel the alliance manager and his/her alliance.
  • Who do you think you are?
  • We face unique challenges.

Read about our training, coaching, and consulting services on the Alliance Manager Role (Identity).


Building Trust in Strategic Alliances: enabling greater value (12-page PDF).

  • Trust is the fundamental issue in any relationship and in every strategic alliance. Trust is the starting point for transforming your alliance.
  • It may seem counter-intuitive but there is actually great insight and clarity (empowerment) that can be derived from being lovingly confrontational.
  • From the perspective of love (without negative emotion or judgment), co-fronting or collaboratively facing difficult issues head on will bring greater trust into your alliance.
  • As a result, you will clear up issues, deepen relationships, and bring greater trust into your alliance.

This whitepaper was written for GP+S GmbH, an alliance-oriented consultancy in Bad Homburg v.d.H, Germany. It was first published as a Best Practice by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals in 2006.

Read about our Calling for Trust coaching services.


The 2-Slide MethodologyTM: simply focus collective attention and find unforeseen value (27-page PDF).

A 5-page executive summary of this service, as offered by GP+S Consulting.

  • This is the 2-Slide MethodologyTM – it illustrates the great power in simplicity.
  • This whitepaper explains how to neutralize overwhelming complexity and transform dysfunctional drama.
  • Focusing on incremental value and overcoming value-impediments will empower strategic alliance managers, bring alignment into the alliance, and fundamentally transform it.
  • There is transcendental and transformational power in shared light – the power in collective attention.

Read about our training, consulting, and coaching services on the simply powerful and transformational 2-Slide MethodologyTM (especially Benefits of Simplicity and Why This Methodology Transforms).

The Value-Impediments slide from the HP/Microsoft corporate level alliance is the center piece of the Harvard Business Review article Simple Rules for Making Alliances Work (started in the middle of page 5).


Transform Your Alliance: accomplish extraordinary results (18-page PDF).

  • Leverages off of the work of Robert E. Quinn in his book Change the World, applying it to transformational strategic alliance management.
  • Overviews four types of change agents: fact-based, position-based, relationship-based and transformational.
  • Focuses on 20 attributes of transformational agents of change as evidenced in the lives of Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Discusses how these 20 attributes apply directly to the artful science of strategic alliance management.
  • “Be the change.”


Self-Obsolescence: the most impactful practice an alliance manager can embody (web page).

  • This counter-intuitive idea is actually the most impactful practice an alliance manager can embody.
  • It is about striving to be all-knowing and then giving away our best ideas.
  • This process naturally increases our virtual presence and informal power; we are empowered as we empower others.
  • As we give away our best ideas they return with gain; reciprocity is alive and well in relationships.
  • People cannot help but reciprocate when value is shared with them – it is a natural compulsion.


Why Alliances Are Strategic (1-page PDF).

  • Sometimes strategically important issues are “hidden in plain sight” and their importance goes beyond numbers (more than sales revenue).
  • Alliances are strategic because they are focused on relationship – the foundation of all business.
  • Alliances offer businesses great gifts that will lead them to sustained growth, fundamental transformation, greatness and sales, too.


Architecting and Developing Alliances and Ecosystems (3-page PDF).

  • Using simplicity, confrontation and deep listening to fundamentally transform strategic alliances and business ecosystem architectures.
  • This is about radically-simplifying alliancing, then ecosystems, thus increasing value-creation and making your ecosystems more attractive.
  • It is simply more profitable to work in your ecosystems than anywhere else


Mahatma Gandhi: strategic alliance manager (1-page PDF).

  • What would it be like to negotiate with your greatest teacher?
  • How would you prepare?
  • Would you be present?
  • What would the results look like?
  • This one-page PDF is a summary of the newsletter of 6 January 2015.


Top 5 Personal Challenging Opportunities: what keeps strategic alliance managers awake at night (1-page PDF).

  • Lack of understanding
  • Role/Career confusion
  • Lack of real power / Strategic impotence
  • Toxic atmosphere
  • Obscured vision


Future Whitepapers

Following are some of our upcoming whitepapers describing other practical spiritual practices:

  • The Importance of Presence and Awareness (for now, see Meditation)
  • Developing Trust (for now, see Trust)
  • Traversing the Chasm from Scarcity Back into Abundance
  • Being an Illuminating Mirror (gratitude)
  • Negotiating Beyond Mere Win/Win Results

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